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Message from the Chairman

Photo of Chairman

Thank you for visiting
the Korea Federation of Banks (KFB) website!

  • Since its foundation in 1928, the Korea Federation of Banks(the KFB) has been representing financial institutions conducting banking and related businesses in Korea, serving as the voice of Korea's banking industry.
  • The Banking industry has been playing an important role in enriching people's lives and is the foundation for a balanced economic and social development.
  • For a sustainable development of Korean Banking industry, the KFB and its members are committed to fulfilling social responsibilities by conducting a wide scope of CSR activities as well as striving to strengthen consumer protection.
  • In the era of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, the Financial industry is rapidly changing with new business models based on AI, Blockchain and Big Data technologies.
  • In this regard, the KFB is supporting its members to become the leaders of the 4th Industrial Revolution through strengthening global competitiveness and expanding digital transformation in order to maximize the synergy effect for economic development.
  • After overcoming the Global Financial Crisis in 2008, Korean Banks have been expanding globally through consistent innovation and regulatory improvements.
  • The KFB will make every effort in supporting Korean Banks to develop as global players by enhancing their competitiveness and to contribute to the development of the world economy as a whole.
  • Thank you.