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Policy Making Structure
  • To help address the critical issues and challenges that banks face in the rapidly changing environment, the KFB fosters communication and cooperation among member banks through councils, committees and taskforces at various levels. The KFB also provides policy recommendations on banking industry issues to the government, the National Assembly and other relevant authorities.
  • The General Meeting
    Consists of the presidents of all member banks, it is the supreme authority. The regular General Meeting is held annually, and provisional General Meetings are held whenever deemed necessary. The General Meeting elects the Chairman, draws and approves the KFB’s annual budget, and makes amendments to the Articles of Incorporation of the KFB.
  • Board of Directors
    It is the key decision-making body which includes the Chairman and a maximum of 10 directors who are elected at the General Meeting. The Board of Directors is responsible for decisions on management policy and the budget of the KFB.
  • Bank Councils
    It provides forums for exchanging information on matters of interest to KFB members. The four councils are the Nationwide Commercial Bank Council, the Specialized Bank Council, the Regional Bank Council and the Bank Social Responsibility Council.
  • 25 Standing Committees
    They convene to discuss a wide range of banking industry issues. To address a specific issue in a timely manner, an appropriate standing committee may set up a taskforce composed of working-level managers from member banks.
  • General Meeting
  • Board of Directors
  • Council (4)
    • Nationwide Commercial Bank Council
    • Specialized Bank Council
    • Regional Bank Council
    • Bank Social Responsibility Council
  • Standing Committees (25)
    • Committee on Deposit Business
    • Committee on Credit Business
    • Committee on Foreign Exchange Business
    • Committee on Domestic Exchange
    • Committee on Planning and Research
    • Committee on Trust Business
    • Committee on Securities Business
    • Committee on Taxation
    • Committee on International Finance
    • Committee on Electronic Banking
    • Committee on Accounting
    • Committee on Risk Management
    • Committee on Bancassurance
    • Committee on Auditing
    • Committee on Anti-Money Laundering
    • Committee on Public Relations
    • Committee on Laws and Decrees
    • Committee on Derivatives
    • Committee on Collective Investment Securities
    • Committee on Financial Customer Protection
    • Committee on Information Technology
    • Committee on Bank Social Responsibility
    • Committee on Personal Information Protection
    • Committee on Discretionary Investment Management
    • Committee on Global Business
    • Committee on ESG(Environmental, Social and Governance)